Daniel Zea

Daniel ZEA (1976)

Swiss-colombian designer and composer, established in Geneva, Switzerland.
Focusing on instrumental and electronic music, as well as in computer programming, he often collaborates with other artistic disciplines such as performace, contemporary dance and visual arts.
He works as a teacher in the Geneva university of art and design (HEAD) giving lessons of sound, video and interactive programming. He has been invited to give workshops and master-classes in institutions such as: CNSM-Paris, HKB-Berne, Universidad de Lanus-Buenos Aires, USP-Sao Paulo, Unirio - Rio de Janeiro, Universidade Federale da Juiz da Fora, Monash and Melbourne Universities among others.
He is founding member of the Vortex ensemble where he participates as a composer and as electronic music interpreter (www.ensemblevortex.com).

(Photo © AOS).